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Mentorship Updates

What is the mentorship program?

Our chapter’s mentorship program is one of the many resources that student members can participate in to help them build their network within the organization and department by forming professional and personal relationships with a paired student.

The goal of these pairs is to allow upperclassmen students to share the knowledge and connections they have gained to help underclassmen students succeed and comfortably assimilate into the department and club.

The mentorship program offers several benefits that include but are not limited to:

  • A personally matched student contact within the club

  • Joining a network of students who create an environment of success

  • Entry to a private group chat open for inquiries and advertisement of opportunities

  • Mentorship specific club events that encourage bonding and professional development


Mentorship pairs within the program consist of one upperclassmen student and one underclassmen student who are paired based on academic interests, post-graduation plans, and personal hobbies or interests. Mentorship pairs are designated on a rolling basis throughout the school year and submissions (form linked below) are reviewed and assigned weekly by the club’s currently acting Mentorship Chair.

How can I join the mentorship program?

By filling out the appropriate form right here!

Mentor Sign-Up Form

Mentee Sign-Up Form

Other Forms and Resources

Contact the Mentorship Chair

NEW!!! Mentee Relocation Form

Be sure to check out our weekly mentorship updates on Youtube!

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