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Bioengineering is a challenge: that’s not an opinion, it’s a fact (generations of Bioengineering alum will confirm that). Like any other challenge, however, there are tips and strategies to help you conquer it. Here are the tips that I’ve found have helped me been a successful BioE student these past 3 years here at Pitt:

10. Expect to be busy – Not only are we students, but we have extracurricular activities, friends, and some of us have a job. College is a time of staying up late every night and telling yourself you can sleep when you are dead. There are so many exciting things happening on campus and in the city of Pittsburgh. With such a difficult major, we can and should all expect to be busy all the time. But is that really a bad thing?

9. Make friends with your professors – Not only do they give you a grade at the end of the semester, but our professors are pretty talented individuals. We can learn so much from their life experiences. Also, they have all been in our places at one point in their lives, and they can be great mentors. We have highly respected researchers and entrepreneurs at our finger tips. Take advantage of them!

8. Pay attention during seminar – We all hate having to spend an hour of our time every week sitting through seminar listening to the same thing as last year. However, some of this information is pretty valuable stuff.

7. Take advantage of all the resources Pitt has – The University of Pittsburgh and the Swanson School of Engineering provide their students with so many helpful tools to make us successful. Many of the students, however, do not take advantage of these wonderful resources. From the Co-op office, to the ARC, to the library workers, there are so many people here to help us become the best that we can be.

6. Become friends with the Einstein’s workers – Not only are the Einstein’s workers very funny and caring people, they can also hook you up with free food. If Einstein’s is ever closing early, during Thanksgiving break, for example the workers will give you the leftover bagels. What college student could pass up free food? Become friends with the workers, and they will tell you when to come get your free food.

5. Prioritize – With school, sports, clubs, friends, and family sometimes we need to prioritize. The 9 pm club meeting for sailing might not be that important when you have a midterm the next morning. If I have learned anything from being in this major, it is that if you aren’t enjoying it and it is not mandatory, do NOT waste your time. This school is filled with so many exciting things that you should spend your “free” time on.

4. Stay on top of you physical health – This tip is important for your whole life. Staying physically active can improve your memory, make you feel better, and decrease stress. Now I’m not saying we all need to become ultramarathon runners and vegans, but there are many easier ways to stay healthy. When you feel stresses out try going for a walk, or instead of stress eating Cheetos switch to grapes. Just make an effort to keep yourself feeling good because classes only get harder if you are not feeling your best.

3. Take breaks – What?! Did she just say “take breaks”?! Yes, there is no way you will be successful if you do not take some “me time”. Setting aside an hour here and there will not make you fail out of school, in fact, it will most likely help you succeed.

2. Stay positive – This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you think you can’t do it, you probably won’t be able to. Make sure you stay positive and keep telling yourself that you can do it – because you can.

1. Expect it to be hard – Bioengineering. This is no joke. To get us ready for Medical School, Industry, Graduate School, the curriculum is tough. This tough curriculum, however, is preparing you to tackle bigger and better things.

Morgan is a junior in the bioengineering department at the University of Pittsburgh. During her free time, Morgan enjoys running, hanging out with friends, traveling, and eating. After graduation, Morgan plans to enter industry and start a family one day.

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